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Change For Us, LLC Name On Credit Card Statement

3652sx is owned by “Change For Us, LLC.” You will see this “Change For Us, LLC” name on your registration forms and/or on your credit card statement. The name might also appear as “Change, LLC” or just “Change” on your statement. Be sure to make note of the “Change For Us, LLC” name, so there is no confusion when viewing your credit card statement.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to also let anyone else know about this “Change For Us, LLC” name who views your credit card statements.

Boot Camp And Power In Numbers Information Below!

Be sure to read the appropriate information below pertaining to the 3652sx program(s) you register for. This page contains important information for both Boot Camp and Power In Numbers registrants.

Aweber Email List Registration – CRITICAL!

This section is for both Boot Camp and Power In Numbers signups.

During this registration process of both 3652sx programs, you will be receiving an Aweber email that offers you an activation link to click on to confirm registering on the critically important 3652sx Aweber email list. You need to be on this Aweber email list in order to receive your daily educational emails.

IMPORTANT: If you sign up for both 3652sx programs, you will be registering on two separate Aweber email lists and you will need to click on two different confirmation links from Aweber

Be sure to look in your spam folder for the Aweber signup email(s).

Below is an image to show you which link to click on to activate your daily tips subscription.

DO NOT remove yourself from any 3652sx email list during the entire life of this educational program.

Your email address and personal information will always be safe and protected.


Please use the “Contact” link on any page on this website to notify us of any order issues or questions you have.

Refunds And Guarantee

You will learn many incredible money saving tips in the coming months but you are guaranteed to learn at least one new money saving tip in the next 28 days that will save you a lot more than your 3652sx Power In Numbers small investment. If you are not completely happy with 3652sx Power In Numbers within the first 28 days, use the contact link in the footer below to send us an email with your 3652sx Power In Numbers purchase information asking for a refund and you will receive a full refund on your 2652sx Power In Numbers Masmoola Coupon Code investment, as well as a full refund on this 3652sx Power In Numbers education within 48 hours after we receive your notice.

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