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Your First Main Goal! Very Important!

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Important!: Your main goal is to watch all videos on the “Member Home” page, so you will know exactly what to expect every day from this daily, powerful educational program. Just like planning out a trip somewhere, you need to know where your destination is located and how the journey will unfold on the way to your destination. When you know every aspect about where you are going and how you will get to your destination, there will be few unexpected surprises along the way. Even if it takes you a day or two to make it through all of the videos and information on the Member Home page, be sure to get this under your belt as quickly as possible.

I Am Sorry About The Bad News Up Front!

The first few months of information in the daily emails will be difficult for anyone to read and learn.

If you are in the percentage of population that struggles from paycheck to paycheck while earning a regular wage, unfortunately, this learning process will NOT be easy for you … especially in the first few months. The more you struggle financially, the more difficult and painstaking this learning process will be on you, and for reasons that will all come quite clear to you only after you get to experience the benefits of the program, which could take months depending on your current financial state.

I am sorry to give you this negative news up front, but it is critically important you know exactly what to expect in order to make it through a tough process that will get you out of debt faster and keep you out of debt for the rest of your life.

Learning this type of information is unfortunately never easy on anyone.

Learning about saving money and getting out of debt is without a doubt, one of the most boring subjects that people avoid like the plague, which is why so many people struggle from paycheck to paycheck even though they don’t ever need to struggle financially. But, the financial benefits for you will be so incredibly amazing by toughing out the learning process. Just hang in there!

All I can offer you at this beginning point of one of the most difficult educational programs you will ever go through is to simply hang in there regardless of how badly your mind and thinking process will try to avoid this incredible education. The financial benefits will all be so worth your perseverance.

Financial Success Is Inevitable For You!

Financial success for you is inevitable if you can learn all of the amazing money saving information this year from this daily program. But, your success will depend upon you reading for a few minutes each day. It’s only a few minutes at a time, but will add up by the end of the year to the most powerful education you will ever gain in your life.

3652sx is not one of those get rich quick programs. All of the information in 3652sx transformed my financial life beyond anything I could have imagined, and I know it will do the same for you. I also personally know many people who have also experienced the same incredible results from all of this information that you will experience this year.

I’ve invested everything I have into this program with time and money for many months now in order to make sure you get this powerful education, and somewhere along the line in the next six months or so, I know you will be so incredibly happy you stuck it out and learned every bit of the powerful money saving information that will come directly to your email inbox.

At some point in the next 365 days, you will learn one AMAZING bit of financial information that will make all the difference in your financial life.

If you have family members, they will all benefit because you learned all of this powerful money saving information. Anyone who is close to you will benefit from you toughing out this learning process.

If you have kids, I can’t urge you enough to get this education and pass it on to them. They will be so thankful you did, and you will reap the benefits throughout the rest of your life because you gave your kids a better advantage in life. You will be so thankful you passed this education on to your kids for reasons that will come more clear in the coming months as you go through this program.

I will be explaining about the profound benefits for your kids coming up at some point in the daily emails. You won’t want to miss that information if you have kids.

Everyone Will Win!

Everyone who learns and takes advantage of this education will win, just not the scam artists who I will eventually expose in this program.

I am here to make sure your financial life improves, and I know it will improve no matter how well off you might even be right now. But, the more you struggle with saving money and debt, the more you will benefit from this daily educational program.

There are more than 150 million people in the United States alone who are struggling from paycheck to paycheck right now, and I know those people absolutely don’t need to struggle at all. I was one of those struggling people even though I earned a decent wage for years, and now that I know about this powerful information, and have experienced the profound results, my goal is to reach those 150 million people as quickly as possible and I need your help.

I can’t spend a ton of money on advertising because I am practically giving this program away, and my goal is to help as many of the 150 million struggling people as quickly as possible. If everyone gives a couple minutes of their time reaching out to introduce 3652sx to everyone they know, we can accomplish this goal fairly quickly. You can help improve lives!

I can promise you will learn at least one incredible money saving tip from 3652sx that will save you hundreds of dollars this year alone, and maybe even thousands. When you learn enough of these tips, you will eventually see the benefits your friends and family members can also gain. The objective is to hopefully give you enough powerful information so that you will eventually see the benefits of passing this information on to your friends and family.

There is a link on the Member Home page that explains about all of the simple ways you can help introduce 3652sx to your friends and family. When you get that internal dialog in your mind that says, hmmm, so and so could benefit from this information, that’s when you should starting reaching out to all of your friends and family. 3652sx will save everyone money, and all of your friends and family will eventually thank you for turning them on to this program.

Reaching out to help others is critically important to your success.

You get to keep what you give away.

The Most Powerful Success Principle In The World!

Within the next six months in this daily educational program, I will be explaining details about the most powerful money saving principle in the world of reaching out to help others. That success principle is exactly what I am practicing here by creating this program for you, and if you join in to help me practice that principle right away, I know you will get to reap the wonderful rewards of reaching out to help others. The universe has a wonderful way of paying you back for reaching out. You might already know how that works. The faster you can start practicing this powerful success principle, the faster you will start reaping the rewards.

If you were introduced to this program from a specific URL link that someone offered you in an email or from a website, be sure to give that same exact link away when you introduce other people to

The Big Reason For 3652sx

I will mention several times throughout this program that I will be explaining the big reason why I created this program at the end.

On day 365 of your daily emails, you will receive a URL link to another free video series where I will tell you my entire story of how I went from struggling financially for most of my life and what happened that dramatically turned everything around. I mean everything. Not just my financial life. The benefits of this program run deep.

There is one, all important reason I created 3652sx for you, and I will give you that message when you get to the end of the daily program. Even though you will be learning so much incredible money saving information from this daily program this year, you will get the most incredible part of this program on the last day. You don’t want to miss that last day, because my final story on that day will change and improve every aspect of your life, just like it changed and improved every aspect of my life.

After you watch those final videos on the last day, you will have the most powerful education that only 1 in 1,400 people on this earth have now. That 1 in 1,400 sad statistic is the only reason so many people struggle when they don’t need to struggle at all, and one of the main reasons I am so motivated at reaching out to make sure you learn this powerful information. My main goal is to improve that sad, 1 in 1,400 statistic as much as possible.

Your Success Stories Are Important!

I will let you in on one secret right now that I will get more into later in this daily program … the more you reach out to help others, by showing them how to save money when you learn an incredible money saving tip from 3652sx, the more you will save. It’s an amazing and powerful thing that happens, and there is a lot more to this success principle that I will go over later in the daily program that you will now also have to look forward to learning.

When you save money because of one of the money saving tips you learned from 3652sx, or when you experience benefits from any of the exercises you will learn in the next six months, you need to share your success story for others to experience. When you share your success stories, the benefits for you will increase. This sharing principle is the same powerful principle as tithing.

I am so looking forward to hearing your first money saving success story. Please do email that money saving success story when it happens by using the “Contact” link at the bottom of any page on

Hang in there! Patience will improve your financial life this year.

Any time you need to contact me, please use the “Contact” link and I will respond within a couple of days.

Your Money Saving Friend,

Dave Drew

As a quick reminder, be sure to get through all of the videos and information on the Member Home page.